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The MDDF currently has roughly 75 clients. The goal of the fund is to assist businesses unable to receive funding through traditional financial institutions. As such, some successful clients eventually move on to work with banks.

Others, for various reasons, prefer to continue working with the fund. Here are just a few of the successful clients served by MDDF over the past few years.




The NWT MDDF worked with a number of other lenders to help fund Eddie’s welding business. Nextreme was in a position where it needed financing but wasn’t ready for a bank. But in less than two years, thanks to the support received from the NWT MDDF staff, Nextreme was working with a bank. It’s a great example of the type of economic holes the fund helps fill in the Northern economy.




“Working with MDDF is like having a small business consultant on your team at no extra charge. David helped me put together my company’s first-ever cash flow statement, which we still use regularly. Although we’re a profitable business, we didn’t have a long enough track record to receive financing at the bank. Thankfully, a friend of mine introduced me to MDDF, and I’d do the same for anyone else who found themselves in a similar situation.”